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Address: Museum of Art, Ein Harod 18965 Israel
Phone: +972.4. 6485701
Fax: +972.4.6486306
Email: museum@einharodm.co.il

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair AccessibilityThe Museum offers wheelchair accessibility via caterpillar. Please inform us in advance if it's required.

Current Exhibitions

Hannah Dayan

Hannah Dayan | Face

Hannah Dayan creates sculptures in a material that few have made use of in art – wire mesh, a material used in building construction.
Since the early ’90s she has been creating portraits of young and older men and women, mostly of kibbutz members who together with her husband... read more...

Curator: Galia Bar Or
Opening: October 27, 2014

Haim Maor

Haim Maor | Good Jew

Haim Maor's Good Jew exhibition is a group show of Haim Maor and the anonymous artists of the Judaica collection in Ein Harod. Maor's work is set in physical juxtaposition with the objects and artifacts of the collection and engages them in a kind of dialogue. Maor reflects upon identity, otherness and memory using his own family's holocaust history as a springboard for discussion.
Curator: Dvora Liss
Opening: Friday, 19 January, 2014 at 11:30

David Wakstein

David Wakstein Painting, 1975–2014

The exhibition “David Wakstein Painting, 1975–2014” surveys two aspects of Wakstein’s oeuvre, featuring both his introvert studio practice and his activity in the public social and artistic sphere.

Opening: Saturday, September 6, 2014
Curator: Yaniv Shapira


Portrait Collection

Portrait Collection

More information about this exhibition soon.

Shmuel Bickels | Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Shmuel Bickels | Workshop

read more (Hebrew)...

Dudu Geva

Dudu Geva's Restored Workshop

Saturday 16 February at 11:00
read more (Hebrew)...

Judaica Collection

Judaica Collection

This story begins in 1938 in the “art corner” of the small wooden studio of the painter Chaim Atar (1902-1953), a member of Kibbutz Ein Harod (founded in 1921) and an energetic visionary of the first generation of kibbutz pioneers, who conceived the idea of the Museum of Art, Ein Harod...