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Address: Museum of Art, Ein Harod 18965 Israel
Phone: +972.4. 6485701
Fax: +972.4.6486306
Email: museum@einharodm.co.il

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair AccessibilityThe Museum offers wheelchair accessibility via caterpillar. Please inform us in advance if it's required.

Current Exhibitions

The Rough Law of Garden

The Rough Law of Gardens

The exhibition "The Rough Law of Garden" creates a dialogue between two excellent contemporary artists, Nachum Tevet and Olaf Holzapfel. The title relates to the idea that inspired the project:
The junk yard in the Kibbutz children houses – a continuous open space containing recycled materials where children learn to develop an independent personality while discovering their abilities and exercising their imagination...

Contemporary Art from Germany

Contemporary Art from Germany

The exhibition at Um El Fahem and Ein Harod presents a tight and broad picture of contemporary art in Germany. It includes works by constitutive artists whose influence is central to this day, such as Joseph Beuys or the Bechers, artists who have become sources of inspiration in Israeli art, where overt and covert dialogue with their works has been significant since the ’60s. read more...
Opening: Saturday October 10, 2015; closing: 13 February 2016
Curators: Prof. Matthias Flügge and Prof. Matthias Winzen

Shmuel Bickels | Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Shmuel Bickels | Workshop

read more (Hebrew)...

Dudu Geva

Dudu Geva's Restored Workshop

read more (Hebrew)...

Judaica Collection

Judaica Collection

This story begins in 1938 in the “art corner” of the small wooden studio of the painter Chaim Atar (1902-1953), a member of Kibbutz Ein Harod (founded in 1921) and an energetic visionary of the first generation of kibbutz pioneers, who conceived the idea of the Museum of Art, Ein Harod...