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Address: Museum of Art, Ein Harod 18965 Israel
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Wheelchair AccessibilityThe Museum offers wheelchair accessibility via caterpillar. Please inform us in advance if it's required.

Matronita:Jewish Feminist Art

Hebrew title: מטרוניתא: אמנות יהודית פמיניסטית
Edited by: Dvora Liss, David Sperber
Designed by: Michael Gordon
Published by: Museum of Art, Ein Harod
Languages: Hebrew & English
Year: 2012
Number of pages: 210
Size (cm): 23.8cm (h) x 16.2cm (w)
Cover: Paperback
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About The Book

This is the first time in Israel that a museum has organized a major exhibition of Jewish feminist art by women who come from a traditional Jewish background.

Jewish Feminist art shares its themes with feminist art in general. Usually these are familiar subjects, such as power and oppression, body image, women as periphery, object-subject, blood and menstruation, and so on. Feminist Jewish works deal with subjects unique to the Jewish experience: niddah and immersion, hair covering, halakhic questions such as the problem of the agunah or halakhic infertility, women's prayer, and women in the study hall.

These artists are informed by feminist art and gender discourse but also by traditional Judaism. They actively reexamine and reconstruct the tradition, while placing it in a critical yet constructive light.... Read more about the exhibition